The MÖNSTER Lab (MOlecular/Nano-Scale Transport & Energy Research Laboratory) studies the fundamental physics of energy and mass transport from the molecular and nano-scale using theories, simulations, data-driven approaches and experiments, and apply the knowledge toward engineering materials with tailored thermal properties, thermal management of electronics, improving efficiency of energy devices, designing molecules and system for water desalination, high-sensitivity bio-sensing and additive manufacturing.

Current Research

  • Energytransport

    Energy Transport

    Thermal energy transport exists in very corner of the world, ranging from renewable energy systems to electronic devices. Our research in this field aims at understanding the fundamentals of thermal transport in materials and structures and applying our knowledge to improve energy efficiency and electronics performance.

  • Mass Transport Research

    Mass Transport

    Our research in mass transport focuses on understanding the solubility and diffusion behavior of mixtures of organic solvent, water and salts with the targeted application of water treatment using directional solvent extraction. We also study multi-scale and multi-phase opto-thermofluid phenomena to explore the fundamentals of bubbles and apply the knowledge to nanoswimmers, materials assembly and bio-sensing.